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Introduction to It’s One Life!

You see, there is only one end game in your life – the life that you live only once. If there was a previous life or if there is an after-life, that life was/will be very different from your current life. Which means, your current life in this time and place is the only life for you. You also are not living a work life, social life, community life, personal life or family life. No matter how many boundaries you have erected between various parts of your life, your life is one whole life. It’s One Life!.

Since it is one life – your only chance to be the one and only you – you need to be winning this end game in life. What is this end game? What is the end game of this life that is the same no matter what stage of life you are in? Whether you are a student or a careerist or a parent or a newsmaker or a wanna be, the end game is the same. The end game is to “Have Zero Regrets”. Not now, not ever. And, you need to be winning this end game.

Zero Regrets!

Imagine that for a second. Zero Regrets. Not now, not ever. How can this be? Do you know when regrets come about? Not when things happen to you but when you do or don’t do certain things. For example, you will not regret not winning the lottery (event) but you will regret not purchasing the lottery ticket (doing/not doing). So, when you are doing the things you are supposed to be doing then you will have Zero Regrets.

Now, thats easier said than done, right? What does “supposed to be doing” mean?

I have spent countless hours thinking on this one question. And many hours researching on this one question. And many more hours experimenting. Out of all the thinking, researching and experimenting, only one word kept coming up. The word, “Balance” Your one life needs to have balance. And only a balanced life can lead to zero regrets. That is fine and dandy but there was a problem.


Now, the word balance came with many mental models. One mental model was “Tight-rope walking”. Very difficult to achieve this skill. Very dangerous and very painful. Cannot be doing that for a long time. Another mental model was “Spinning Plates”. Spinning plates model consists of one plate on a rod/stick and you keep spinning this plate so that it does not fall down and break. You keep adding more rods and spinning plates on top of these rods. This was a lot of work and also continuous work. Another mental model, albeit an easier one was that of riding a bicycle. This also did not fit for the same reason that it needed to be continuous and needed effort.

There were other mental models too not as difficult as the ones above, one among them is “riding a bicycle”. But none of them seemed to convey the ease and simplicity that was I looking for.

Then one day, I became enlightened. You see, light entered me. I found my answer and it was like a ray of light. No, it actually was a ray of light.

Ray of light!

A ray of light is the best mental model that we can have for balance for the main reason that it balances 7 colors within it with an unbelievable ease. Not only that but it also travels the fastest. Faster than any known object in this universe. Now, just think about it.

Balancing 7 colors and traveling the fastest. So fast that gravity does not pull it down. You know, the things that pull us down. What are those? What? YESS!!! Regrets. When we balance the 7 colors of our life then we become enlightened and with enlightenment we make the journey of our one life the fastest and easiest with zero gravity err zero regrets bogging us down.

So far so good, right?. Are you still with me? You think, a ray of light can be our new mental model? If you think so, then let’s get down to business.

Now, what are these 7 colors. We all know this and have seen this multiple times in our life. Yes, the colors of the rainbow.


Most of us know the mythical stories about rainbows and pot of gold. Let’s use this metaphor to say that our end game is achieved when we reach our pot of gold. In this metaphor, a pot of gold refers to a life of zero regrets. How can we reach our pot of gold? By painting our very own, very personal rainbow using the 7 colors of our life.

Now, what do these 7 colors relate to in our life?

After some thought and experimentation, I landed on the following 7 colors, in other words, focus areas.


7 Focus Areas!


  1. Faith
  2. Fitness
  3. Family
  4. Financial Freedom
  5. Fulfilling Work
  6. Friends and Community
  7. Fun

A framework emerged by connecting all the pieces that I have named as. “Paint Your Rainbow to Reach Your Pot of Gold” or in short, “PofG framework”.

PofG framework has the following step-by-step thought processes to develop a better understanding of how to lead a balanced life of zero regrets.

  • You live this life only once. For all practical purposes, it is your one life.
  • In this one life, your end game is to have zero regrets.
  • Zero regrets are possible by leading a balanced life.
  • A ray of light is the best mental model for “Balance”.
  • From the new mental model emerges an easy and fun activity of painting your own rainbow of life’s 7 colors.
  • Your life’s 7 colors equate to 7 focus areas needed in leading a balanced life.
  • The 7 focus areas are:
    • Faith
    • Fitness
    • Family
    • Financial Freedom
    • Fulfilling Work
    • Friends and Community
    • Fun
  • You decide on the right amount of time that you need to spend on each of the focus areas on a weekly basis.
  • Then you live your life by doing these activities – painting your rainbow.
  • You monitor every week and if any focus area is not given the right attention and time then your rainbow will not materialize for that week. In other words, your week was imbalanced.
  • As weeks pass by and the imbalance is not corrected then you are going towards a life of future regrets.
  • If you correct your imbalance and your rainbow materializes then you are on your path to reach the pot of gold – a life of zero regrets.

Thus, the framework can be simplified to say, “Paint your rainbow to reach your pot of gold” which can then be elaborated as follows.

Spend the right amount of time on each of your 7 focus areas – Faith, Fitness, Family, Financial Freedom, Fulfilling Work, Friends & Community, and Fun, to lead a balanced life which can result in zero regrets.

With this framework, I started blogging my journey to lead a balanced life of zero regrets. At that time, the main purpose of the blog was to help me follow my own advice and during this process if my writings helped anyone then to me, that would have been a huge bonus. Since then, I have evolved and with me the blog has evolved too. You can read more about me here and then go to the articles that I have curated with the most relevant information on my journey for leading a balanced life of zero regrets.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!!!