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An iPad A Day Keeps The Teacher Away?

Last week, my daughter’s Kindergarten class got a new iPad. Her teacher was very excited about this and asked the parents of her class to suggest some learning Apps for the kids. I have blogged earlier about delegating some parenting … Continue reading

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Is this going to be the future of learning?

Stanford University is conducting an experiment to provide a full course online for free. The course is “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence” taught by Stanford professors Peter Norwig and Sebastian Thrun. So far, the course seems to have attracted more than … Continue reading

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Productivity Tip #10: Delegating some Parenting Tasks using iPad

The Nightly Routine: My nightly routine has been to read one or more bed-time stories to my daughter, Heba. Heba definitely looks forward to the story time and most nights she would not be happy with just one story. So, … Continue reading

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