What to expect from this blog

What are the topics?

The topics on this blog will be about leading a life of zero regrets. Remember, it’s one life and we need to make the most of it.  The idea is to live a complete life, a balanced life and more importantly a fun life.  For that to happen all aspects of the life need to be in balance and in alignment.  Alignment is not a goal but a process.  So, a process is an ongoing thing and is tweaked or completely overhauled based on the circumstances. With that in mind, I will try to blog on the process to lead a complete, balanced and fun life.

Will I get on a soapbox? 

Since I am not an expert, I will try not to get on a soapbox.  Anything that I blog will be primarily for my benefit as a journal for my learnings and insights.  In this process if it helps someone then that would be a great honor.  Feedback will be much appreciated to either give me a new perspective or to strengthen my convictions.

How many words per blog post?

I have read somewhere that most folks can read for a maximum of 2 minutes online. If you are thinking about the minimum, I think it will be one second. Also, if a reader has to scroll to read more then most likely the post will not be read. So, I will try to keep the length of the post to 300 – 600 words. This can be read within 1 to 2 minutes. .

What is the format?

The format of the blog will be kept simple with minimal clutter.  Easy to read and easy to comment.  That’s the idea. I may use pictures sparingly too because it takes time and effort to find the right pictures for the topic at hand.

What are the categories?

All blog posts will be categorized into 7. The seven colors of a rainbow

  • Faith
  • Fitness
  • Family
  • Fulfilling Work
  • Financial Freedom
  • Friends and Community
  • Fun

Thanks for reading this page and have fun reading my blog.

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